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Edyta Kotowicz Somatic Guide Presents


Embodiment DESIGNED for overcoming trauma, heartbreak, and loss


Do you feel it's time to change repetitive, painful narratives and move forward? 

Do you want to access the wisdom hidden in the events from your past?

Does it call you to join a supportive healing community space?

If so, you are in the right place! 


"How to Self Heal" is a virtual comprehensive master course on somatic self-healing. It guides you from achieving peace with your past to learning from past experiences, ultimately empowering you to create an embodied, wholehearted future.

Watch the video to learn more and join.

"The future depends on what you do today"


We've been told that we should go through hard times in life with our heads always up, keep things light, keep things surface, and fix ourselves quickly when our hearts get broken. 


But this is not what being alive is about. 

If you do not know how to dive deep, you will not know how to rise high. Learning to emerge on the other side of pain requires focused time and supportive tools. 

I am looking forward to meeting you in the series of rich and beautiful sessions where we will practice embodied wisdom together. You will learn tools to know your emotions in an intimate, deep, and transformative way. You will discover the joy, from the very act of feeling everything. You will practice to love yourself tenderly along the way. You will be guided by your own body to reclaim your self-healer's embodied intelligence.

A deeper look into "How To Self-Heal" curriculum

More about what awaits you in this unique healing somatic journey

Tune in with your body and invest in yourself


"How to Self-Heal" is not a quick fix.

I do not believe in those.

Instead, I believe in profound journeys, alchemizing the past, and fostering growth through deeply embodied work.

Here are the two key aspects of "How To Self Heal" honor the process of healing:


I. This isn’t a program aimed at gathering masses. It's an invitation to join a small, supportive, and safe group where individual needs find space, emotions are shared openly, and every voice can be heard.


II. "How to Self Heal" offers you a sense of belonging in the healing journey through compassionate daily support within a messaging group and personalized 1:1 integration sessions with the facilitator, tailored to meet specific needs.


This precious and rare mix of close-knit community experience and personalized assistance aims to enable the healing process to unearth prescious, life-transforming discoveries.

Honoring the Process of Healing

What Others Say 

Edel - Actress  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I can't explain to you how meaningful it was to me! I started walking in this world with such great light and power (...) I have waited to feel like that for so long! I can't thank you enough."

What taking part in "How to Self Heal" means for Your Future:

♡ Experiencing a new sense of freedom

♡ Knowing self-love as a practice

♡ Expanded self-knowledge & trust in yourself

♡ Time to consciously shape the future

♡ Using embodied wisdom as a tool for building new, healthy, empowering, and safe relationships

♡ Discovering the grace of living life wholeheartedly again

I am ready for the new embodied awareness.
I am ready to transform my past and change my future.

"How to Self Heal" is the most treasured thing I’ve ever done.

Your Facilitator

Hi, it's Edyta

I am a trained Somatic Guide (Pantarei Somatic Bodywork School in Berlin) and certified Compassion Coach (Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University founded by, among others, His Holiness The Dalai Lama).

Working with my clients individually on the topics of breakups, loss, and other challenging life events, I learned that each of us holds immense power in self-healing.


Now, I invite you to discover and experience this for yourself in this moving but practical program.

Heartbreaks, trauma, and loss always carry a deeply touching, and often cathartic message for us. If you stay open to what wants to be felt, you will very likely get it.

Here you can get to know my personal story.

I am sending you my love,


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You refuse to be a victim and choose SELF-LOVE 


You want to MORE FORWARD after heartbreak, loss, or other tough times.


YOU ARE READY to dedicate your time and focused attention to the process.

You are LONGING to move beyond shame, stress, or judgment around your own emotions


You DESIRE to show yourself truly as you are to others to build new quality of relationships.

You want to bring SAFETY, connection, and belonging into your life

You know innately that any emotions can be a messenger of the divine. You want to EXPLORE deep listening to yourself. 


You feel ready to study how to RELATE to life gracefully, wholeheartedly, and authentically.

You are curious to embrace the unknown and give it a chance to birth something NEW. 


You want to explore how expanded body awareness can SHIFT YOUR FUTURE.


You want to CONNECT with the collaborative community of genuine and inspiring people. 


You are INSPIRED to tap into your self-healing potential.

Most Popular Questions

How safe is it for me to engage with my emotions at home on my own?

"How to Self-Heal" is an invitation to experience and understand through practice the embodied nature of healing after trauma, heartbreak, and loss, seeking experiential knowledge about ourselves, and regaining trust in our innate ability to heal.

"How to Self-Heal" is not meant to replace individual therapy. You can schedule a call with me HERE to check if "How to Self-Heal" is the right fit for you and also learn about the individual sessions I offer,

I've tried everything to make things better but nothing seems to work out. How is this better? 

Trauma, heartbreak, and loss often lead to disembodiment. The more we suffer, the more stressed we become, and the less clearly we can think. Often a mind-focused approach cannot anymore reach our mental operating system sitting in the head. Not to mention the emotions that are often pushed directly into our bodies when they feel "too much". 

And while we are frantically searching for new theories, gurus, and self-help books, our body awaits patiently with impossibly rich resources and wisdom - not only from our own experience but also from our ancestors and past lives - to serve and guide us.


"How to Self Heal" is not directing you to another outer source outside of you. It assists you in reconnecting with yourself and in applying the embodied awareness to your life in the present moment.

How much does it cost?

The price for the "How to Self Heal" program is 444 euros.

The total investment includes:

  • Three Sunday LIVE group sessions titled "Safe to Feel", "Deep Listening" and "Embodied New Vision"

  • Full access to all session recordings

  • Q&A sessions during the weekly group gatherings

  • Daily support available within a dedicated Telegram group during the entire duration of the program

  • Your personal one-on-one "Integration Session"


At this moment you can choose to either invest in a whole program with a 5% discount (it means you pay 422 euros for the entire 4 weeks, daily support, and integration session) or invest in the initial 120-minute LIVE group "Safe to Feel" session (for 54 euros).

If you go for the latter, after participating in the first session, you'll have the opportunity to join the complete program for 390 euros.

How do somatic sessions work in the online format? 

Somatic bodywork works really well in Zoom meetings format. In "How to Self-Heal" sessions, you are not invited to be focused on the screen all the time and sit in front of it passively. There is plenty of space to drop deep into the body, explore within with eyes closed, sense the body, and use touch to expand your embodied awareness while enjoying the comfort of your home space.

I love Zoom meetings for "How to Self Heal" also because they enable a group of impressive, kind, and curious people from across the world to work together. Sharing self-healing invites more compassion to the experience and makes it much more powerful. Together we can easily embody the knowing that our emotions are a part of every human experience.

What if I really want to join the program but just can't afford it at the moment?

There are also two completely free spots (they come without the integration session but have full access to the rest of the program) for people who sincerely want to heal but struggle financially at the moment. If you consider yourself in need and want one of them, send us an email to titled "Support" and let us know a bit about your situation.

I have a question that isn't addressed

To ask your question and also to get to know Edyta, you can book a 1:1 discovery video call HERE.

You'll also be able to reach out to us anytime by emailing

Get curated and exclusive content, stay connected, and get discounts on upcoming workshops!

Thank you!

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