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Embodiment journey is the most treasured thing I’ve ever done.

Read my story below.

Let me empower you with transformative somatic practices to enrich your life.

Through the loss of my son, I embarked on a transformative journey that shaped the person I am today.


It plunged me into a dark period of my life, filled with heartache, as if I had opened Pandora's box to a flood of death, illness, and fear.

Over time, I've come to view it as an invitation to embrace the whole of Life, the whole spectrum of emotions, and the whole of me.
Continuously, I am learning to practice this perspective.

What touches me today is the potential to heal a wound by planting a seed of love within its depths and carefully caring for it.

I found this little seed.
I never knew if it would have enough light to grow.
But it did.
Each day, amazed I've observed the gradual, delicate growth it has undergone.

Since then, this small seed has blossomed into a garden of breathtakingly beautiful flowers: hope, trust, wisdom, and love.

I learned to love as a mother.
I learned to love as a daughter.
I learned to love as a woman.

The approach in the somatic therapy and coaching I offer has also grown from this seed.

I invite you to remember that you always know how to go through hard times, create for yourself what you need, and to remember love.

Book your free discovery call with me here if you are ready for the journey with me and want me to tell you a little bit more about it.


With love and compassion, E 🌺❤️

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