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Somatic Alchemy

3-part course on entering sacred spaces within 

through work with the body

Join us for a transformative journey to authentic and free living: three 90-minute online classes:

"Sacred Connections", "Sacred Grief" & "Sacred Rest."

Through talks, somatic experiencing practices and embodied activities, together we will learn how to tap into our inner wisdom and embrace our truest selves, to uncover pathways to a fuller, easier, and happier life.

You're warmly invited!

white tigers
white tigers

Sacred Connections

are nurturing and meaningful

When I am with you I never abandon myself .

I am inspired by how our relationship changes when I seek to know myself and love myself while connecting with you. 

I intentionally and with love shape how I connect with others and this changes my whole life. I am happy and I feel joy.

Monday, May 20th, 6-7:30 pm WET (Lisbon time zone)


Sacred Grief

teaches me about the true nature of love

I am ready to study and learn from all the experiences of my life and - as I return to the wisdom in my body - I have the tools to do so.

I welcome my feelings with no fear and I am capable of seeing the true role they play in my life. 

I process my emotions and skillfully release them to discover dimensions of trust and freedom I've never knew before.

Monday, May 27th, 6-7:30 pm WET (Lisbon time zone)


Sacred Rest

serves me as an intentional practice of inviting to my life what I want

I pause and rest to gain insights for my journey.

I rest to invite trust and align my energy because I know how to create my life even in moments of non-action.

I rest to become wiser and stronger, but most of all because I love myself.

Monday, June 3rd, 6-7:30 pm WET (Lisbon time zone)

Personal Invitation to Somatic Alchemy

Hello My Dear,

I'm Edyta, and I'm here as a trained somatic guide and compassion coach inviting you to join my unique introductory online course designed to help you connect deeply with the inner technology in your body designed to help you shape the experiences in your life.

I believe in us breaking free from fear and embracing who we are with trust and authenticity in every moment of our lives. With this course, I invite you to study embodied connections, grief, and rest with me. 



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