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Wisdom and Love are Within 


What I Do

Only by connecting the missing dots between energetical, spiritual, intellectual, and embodied knowing, we can meet ourselves.


Through our divine bodies, we can remember the wholeness which is long forgotten but was once the only way human beings related to the world and each other.

Your body knows how to live life from a safe, rooted, and honest place. It will guide you.

I offer you the art of somatic bodywork which is built on knowing that all resources and wisdom we need are already within us.


I offer you the experimental investigation of self-compassion and most loving communion with yourself. 

I offer you a way back to softness, letting go of control, and trust.

The sessions with me combine verbal language with touch and expanded body awareness. If you want to know what this work is like, you can think of it as a meeting with a therapist where not only your mind but also your body has stories to share. 

Here are some areas of life where somatic bodywork can make a difference for you:

  • self-relating with love and compassion

  • healing trauma and grief

  • codependency, relationships, and attracting love 

  • burnout, career development and coaching focused on living life's purpose 

I invite you to join my mailing list and receive invites to online retreats, transformative courses, and information about other exciting projects such as the upcoming Somatic Oracle Deck.

About me

Hi, my name is Edyta

I am a somatic guide trained in Pantarei Somatic Bodywork in Berlin and Applied Compassion at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University.

I hold a certificate in Shirodhara Treatment and completed an apprenticeship in this method at the renowned Ayurvedic hospital in India. I practice yoga regularly and meditate daily. It gives me joy to write songs to express and heal my emotions.


My home and practice are located in the south of Portugal nearby the sacred ocean, but I also give 1:1 sessions and share my work online with people around the world.


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With all my love,


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What People Are Saying

I can't explain to you how meaningful it was to me! I started walking in this world with such a great light and power - the power of knowledge of how successful I am and will be! I have waited to feel like that for so long! I can't thank you enough

Edel - Actress

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